Uncover your organization's culture and values.

Use Culture Digs to Explore Your Organization's Culture and Values!

Today's most important competitive advantage is your organization's culture and values! Sure, you may have a logo, you may have products, you may have even identified distinctive competitive opportunities – but unless your organization is an aligned culture tailored for success, you're not likely to be a top performing organization.

What is Culture Digs?

Culture Digs provides an online platform through which organizations and teams can collect the impressions of each member about currently extant culture and values. This solution collects and stores culture and values inputs and completes helpful anonymized whole text and summary analyses of same to support understanding, reflection, alignment and even future planning.

Culture Digs collects inputs, from each participant invited to a wave by an organizational administrator, about organizational culture (in the form of a brief essay) and values (through selection, from a long list of values, of top 5 values).

What is Culture?

A challenging question to answer because of a range of opinions, organizational culture may best be defined as the norms of behavior and underlying shared values that keep those norms in place. Essentially, culture comes down to the way you do things in your organization. For some organizations, culture may derive from the story of how they were created; for others, symbols in their logo may reflect culture.

Culture can be rooted in goals, strategies, structure, and approaches to labor, “customers”, investors or stakeholders, and the larger community.

Ideally, culture is a glue that holds a group together, and is a big reason why people want to work for and with you.

What are Values?

Values are among the drivers of culture, and are reflected by each individual into the organizations in which they are participants. Values are guiding principles or a code-of-conduct upon which an organization was founded and by which it operates on a daily basis. They reflect views of the world, in the case of organizations, more or less collectively held. They determine how you treat others, are use to make tough organizational decisions, and are timeless (i.e., they would be as important next year as they are this year).

Values are not technical competencies.

Accessing Culture Digs

Culture and values assessments are organized, by Culture Digs, as waves – a period of time during which culture assessment is open to members of a team.

Participation is by approval by the software sponsor, Guiding Star Communications and Consulting, and follows pre-payment of service (learn about service subscriptions here). To request your account with your first wave, or to activate a new wave in an existing account, please complete the Contact Form.